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Tower 42 works with private and public businesses, developing and implementing strategies for growth, to increase value and to assist turnaround of non-performing areas or complete entities. We provide a "sleeves rolled up" approach, giving practical solutions to complex business challenges. We employ all that digital technology has to offer but never forget that people are at the core of business.


Strategic Planning

planning with the end in mind

Our Strategic Planning Service is for privately owned or owner managed businesses across all disciplines. Employing our proprietary, “Navigating to Success" strategy process provides a very clear understanding of how your business builds real and lasting value. This is an intense process which involves clearly defining your company’s situation, in respect of off-balance sheet assets as well as financials. We then work with you to determine your objectives and aspirations. Once they are agreed we build strategies to achieve these goals.

a) Early Stage Growth: For new companies or companies entering new markets.

b) Considering an Exit: Established, successful businesses where you, the principals are looking to monetise your asset, in part or in full.

c) Turnaround or Pivot: When things aren’t going so well or when your existing business model isn’t working and you need to make changes.



There are two kinds of stones, as everyone knows, one of which rolls

Amelia Earhart


Lance’s team delivered excellent results with practical recommendations.This was delivered in a very short time in a foreign company with different market conditions to Europe. The recommendations were implemented and assisted in delivering profit growth of more than 100% within 8 months. 

Gabriel Pansegrouw, MD at Woolworth South Africa


The secret to getting ahead is getting started

Mark Twain